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June 6, 2012
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Lily by BloodyButterfly-wp Lily by BloodyButterfly-wp
This is my fourth tattoo made by my wonderful and best friend. :heart:
She is awesome at doing very realistic tattoos and I wanted to have a tattoo without outlines and this typical oldschool tattoo-look. So I'm very, very pleased with the result!

The story behind this tattoo:

The text has a special meaning and is an extract from a poem taken from one of my stories. It is a dark story/poem, so I wanted the lily to have a very intense red color. I chose a lily because the story contains a lot of death metaphors and plays with birth and death and never been born.

The text is in German and translated into English it's something like this:

"I rip apart, I break and in the end there is nothing left of me."

Of course it's much more beautiful in German language since it has rhyme and a measure, the two verbs begin with the same letter and so on, but you get an idea of what the text is about^^

I hope you like it as much as I do! :)
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sehr tiefsinnig aber schön :-)
It's just beautiful.
I love all of your tattoos and the text is just ... hveibgvirnhtvbijnt.
Meaningful tattoos are one of the wonderfulst thing on earth. ♥
I'd still love getting done my first tattoo by Ina.
That would be ... more than awesome.
awww hun, thank you so so much!! :heart: :huggle:
Yeah, you're right, meaningful tattoos are the most awesome tattoos and I would never get one which has none to me^^
Have you already thought about a tattoo idea? When will you get one? :) Tell me!
Yeah, I'll definitely get one for my 17th birthday.
Honestly I have some plans and I'm kinda sure with every single one.

There are two LP tattoos, I really want to get.
I just don't know when. You probably know how much they mean to me, so you might understand. :)
I want the logo on my wirst, and the words 'mochiagete tokihanashite' on my ankle.

Then I'd love to get the paopu fruit or the kingdom key from Kingdom Hearts tattoed on my neck or behind my ear.
I don't know if you know Kingdom Hearts, but well that's the Paopu:
and here's the kingdom key:
One of those two things I definitely wanna get. They symbolize an important time of my life and they stand also for a loved person who died unfortunately. She really left a mark on me and I am who I am today just because of her.

I can't wait to get those things tattooed. :heart:
Sampixie Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very beautiful, and full of meaning i love it.
thank you so much! :heart: Yes, I only want tattoos which mean something to me. Getting a tattoo just because it looks great is something I would never do ;)
Sampixie Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
an yet so many people do it. and your welcome
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